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Terms and conditions

Liability Waiver:


While yoga is beneficial to your health and well-being, certain bodily changes can occur during any physical activity. You should promptly notify your instructor of any dizziness, shortness of breath, chest discomfort or heart palpitations, or any other unusual physical symptoms during your yoga class or private yoga lesson.

Participant understands that it is the sole responsibility of the participant to inform the staff/instructor(s) of any, and all, pre-existing health conditions prior to beginning each class. Participant understands it is their sole responsibility to notify the staff/instructor(s) of any change in their condition.

If you have concerns about your health or suffer from any of the following disorders, regardless of age, we strongly recommend that you consult a physician prior to beginning your yoga program:

1.Chest pains a cardiac history, such as but not limited to, angina, heart attack or stroke

2. Severe respiratory problems

3. Insulin-dependent diabetes

4. High blood pressure


Cancellation Policies:


  • Class credits, memberships and absence from classes are non-refundable.

  • We have a 24 hour class cancellation policy. You must cancel at least 24 hours prior to your class.

  • Class Passes are non refundable, non-extendable, and non transferable to other persons. They are subject to time limits. Always check your expiration date before and after your purchase.

Workshop, series, or event cancellation:

  • Workshop and series are non refundable, non extendable and non transferable

  • Cancellation requests with less than 48 hours notice will not be honoured unless we can fill your space.

  • Workshop cancellation requests must be requested by email to:

  • Absence to a workshop or series is non-refundable.

Private Class Appointments:

  • We have a 24-hour cancellation policy for private classes.

  • Full payment will be charged if you cancel a private session with less than 24-hour notice.

  • Cancellation or rescheduling of a private class prior to 24-hours before the appointment will be refunded or kept on your account per your wishes.

  • If you are late for a private class, the class will end at the original time.

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